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Feb 20, 2014
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I'm squealing like a little kid with a new toy because I found a new place to hang a quilt in my home.  

Usually the "before" photos are shown first, but I'm going to show you the "after" first.  


And now the before:  

And now you understand why I'm squealing!  This new discovery has opened up a whole world of contemporary rugs hanging possibilities.

Take care!  

Busy Little Quilter

Feb 20, 2014
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It's another Scrap Basket Sunday with Kim!  Please be sure to visit her blog and click on the links to the other quilters that are showing their projects.  

My Scrap Basket Sunday includes a new project and a tutorial, sort of , on how I choose fabrics for a project. I love organza fabrics for my art works that I cut out from organza bags.   

I love the Button-Up Wall-hangings from Joined at the Hip.  Since August is coming up soon, I should get this made!  

I looked at the pattern and it said that I needed light greens. Hmm.  I don't have too many light greens, so   I looked in my scrap buckets of greens and didn't see anything.  I remembered that I had bought a log cabin watermelon kit years ago.   I like to add fabrics from my stash to kits that I buy, but this one didn't work well (at all!)  I tend to gravitate toward the olive greens when I'm buying fabric, and the greens in this kit  didn't play well together with my stash, so it sat on a shelf for years.  It had some light greens.  Yay!    

The pattern said I needed 6 light greens.  I held them up to my fabrics in my scrap bucket of greens, and I didn't see anything that would work.  I held them up to the greens in my fabric stash, and I found two fabrics that would work (woo hoo!). 

I probably could have used two of the light greens twice, but the more the merrier!  

My plan was to use the greens and reds that I used in my watermelon wall hanging.  However, when I added the darker greens to the light greens my stomach turned.  

The darker greens were olive and the lighter greens have more blue in them.  So, I went back to the kit and pulled out the darker greens.  

Pretty!  And to think I was going to donate this kit to my Quilt Guild's sales table at our quilt show next year.  They look great with the light greens, and the reds that I used in my watermelon wall-hanging.  I needed 6 dark greens, but every time I added a dark green, they were all too olive.  


My favorite trick is to use my color wheel.  I will be honest when I say that I'm not able to determine if a color has too much yellow, red, or blue in them.  Some fabrics I can tell right away, but others not so much. Using the color wheel helps me "see".  I held it up to all of the greens in my scrap bucket of greens.    

I would have never chosen this piece had I not seen it for myself that it is in the same color family as the greens in the kit.  

I wouldn't have added this Thimbleberry print, either, 

but it looks perfect!  


I probably could have used the same greens more than once; it's a wall-hanging, afterall.  However, I like the challenge of trying to find things that will work.  It's the hunt, I guess, that's fun for me.  


I am happy to say that I have  finished all 80 of the bow-tie blocks that I have been sewing while sewing together the Quick and Easy Pinwheel that I showed you last week in this post.  .  Sewing every day with Pat Sloan in her Sew Every Day in July 2013 Challenge and sewing two (or more, in my case) quilts at the same time, as suggested by Bonnie Hunter in her Leaders and Enders book, has my sewing room with projects on each side of me to sew in between whatever project I am currently sewing.  

 Have a great Sunday!  



Feb 20, 2014
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My husband has a habit of misplacing his cufflinks and never being able to find them when he wants to wear them. I have tried  keeping them in one place for him to able to find them by putting them in my trinket box but it ends up getting scratched or damaged. 

Cufflink does the final touches to the well-dressed person. A cheap cufflink could easily spoil the look of an expensive suit or shirt. Though it might seems like a very tiny piece, it has its own significance. The cufflink catches one’s eyes the most during any activity like when shaking hands, eating, presentation etc.

Cufflink BoxesCufflink Boxes

It is also very important to match the style of the cufflink to an occasion and the clothes. Modern quirky designs are quite common these days but wearing it for a formal black tie event could put oneself in an uncomfortable position. It’s also necessary to underplay bizarre and flashy pieces at such places.

It always is a good way to have 2 pairs of formal and 2 pairs of quirky cufflinks in one’s collection. Always remember to buy good quality formal ones. It’s better to buy once than twice or thrice in pursuit of a good one. Also look for the material you think will be fine in long run if you are investing few extra pounds in them.   

Ask for a cufflink box while buying if not buy or make a box since the cufflinks are the easiest things to lose or misplace after wearing it once. For an extra shine wipe them with a moist cloth before and after wearing. If you end up spilling food/drink on them (which is most likely to happen in my husband’s case), do wipe them immediately as it might be difficult to get rid of the stain on silver and gold metal after it’s dried out.

Jan 24, 2014
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Sometimes it can be difficult for us lifelong horse lovers to remember how people outside the horse world see our beloved animals. Horses are often seen as incredibly strong, fast and without any kind of physical frailty at all. While it's true about the strong and fast part, horses are definitely not indestructible. In fact, they often need special care, especially when it comes to their health.


For new horse owners, it's helpful to remind them about the evolution of the horse. It might have been millions of years ago, but that doesn't mean how they evolved still isn't relevant. Being shod, fed grain and kept in box stalls is all foreign to the magnificent Equus, though he usually puts up with it quite well. This is especially true when we take care of him correctly, which includes regular farrier and vet visits as well as regular deworming.


Why Your Horse Needs A Wormer

Just like with dogs, parasites want to feed on your horse from the inside. These parasites can cause discomfort and illness if left untreated. As a horse owner, you want to keep your horse as safe as possible when it comes to internal parasites. This comes down to choosing the correct dewormer for your steed.

Some of the factors that go into choosing the right medicine is the age and weight of your horse, as well as where he does most of his grazing. If you are a new horse owner and are stabling your horse with others, check out the health of the other horses at the barn. A healthy horse should have a bright eye and a shiny coat. The owner of such a horse will most likely be able to steer you toward the right deworming medicine for your own horse.


Equest Wormer

The Equest Wormer has proven to be an excellent choice for a wide range of horses. The gel is safe for both pregnant mares and breeding stallions, and usually lasts 14 to 16 weeks. This is good news if you have a horse who doesn't like wormers in the first place. Equest Wormer has the added benefit of being a gel which will quickly dissolve on your horse's tongue. This makes worming quick and easy, especially since most horses show a preference for gel wormers compared to paste ones.


Help Prevent Colic

Your horse deserves the best care you can offer. Did you know that regular worming helps cut down on the chances of your horse developing colic? Colic is a potentially deadly disorder that can lead to a twisted gut. Sometimes surgery is required in order to save a horse suffering from it; unfortunately, sometimes surgery is not enough.

Taking care of the parasites that want to invade your horse's intestines is a recommended form of colic prevention. It will also keep your horse looking and feeling good. Whether you have a finely bred show horse or a gentle pleasure horse, take care of him the right way with Equest Wormer.



Jan 20, 2014
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Most home owners will want to make sure that they have an effective HVAC system installed for their homes. If they live in cold weather climates, they will need to consider installing an air source heat pump scotland sometime soon.  These heat pumps will effectively operate by drawing in warm air from the outside and pumping it in to the interior of a building.  But during cold weather conditions, the outdoor air may need to be warmed before it enters the building.  There are a few distinct advantages that consumers should consider when they want to install these types of air source heat pump units.


First, it is important to note that these systems are often integrated within a more comprehensive HVAC system.  This will often include an air conditioner that will help keep the interior of the home cooled during hot summer months.  The heating element may be used during only part of the year, so owners should check to make sure that they have the right system.  In fact, many HVAC units will use the same system to cool and heat the interiors of homes during different months.  They will simply reverse the way that air is drawn in to the system and then pumped in to the home itself.


Finding the right kind of air source heat pump will often be a top priority for owners.  They should try to locate a model that will be relatively new and feature some of the latest designs.  This can help make sure that the system operates effectively and efficiently, no matter what the outside temperatures may be.  Ideally, the air source heat pump will only consume a minimal amount of energy throughout the course of the year.  This can help keep energy costs low, which will ultimately save owners a considerable amount on their energy bills.


There are some new air source heat pump models that are being designed to be environmentally friendly as well.  Many manufacturers are looking to provide labels that will showcase how environmentally friendly these units may be.  Consumers should focus on finding an air source heat pump that will get a strong score on any type of efficiency rating system.  Most efficient systems will tend to get a score of around 3 to 3.5.  There are some specialized models that will provide efficiency ratings that are even better than that.  These systems will typically use an HFC refrigerant, which will contribute less to overall rates of global warming.


It will be important to monitor the performance of the air source heat pump unit at some point.  This is an important consideration for owners to keep in mind as they go forward.  They need to think about whether they will be able to repair or replace some issues that they might observe at some point.  They could hire a specialized team to provide these repairs going forward.

Jan 17, 2014
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Becky, at Sweet Cottage Dreams, has a beautiful post about Memorial Day, and I'm sure there are many more out there sharing what Memorial Day means to them.

Thank you to my great grand-father, my uncles, my father in law, my cousin, and my neice's husband, John, who recently returned home safely after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to the many who have served and are serving our country. Your sacrifices mean so much.

Dec 16, 2013
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It has been a busy week of Christmas decorating, parties, and a shopping trip to Nashville to Opry Mills and to see the Opryland Hotel decorated for Christmas.


Santa and Mrs. Claus were eating lunch at Macaroni Grill.  I went over to tell him I have been a good girl and

all I want for Christmas is a Reliable iron with a generator, quilting books, and fabric.  Sounds good, right?  


I have managed to do some sewing on my Celtic Solstice every day, even if its 15 minutes here and there.  

I have not finished clue 1 or clue 2, but I did start on Clue 3.  And, with the tips from several other Celtic Solstice friends, they shared this great tutorial for making half square triangles 8 at a time.  


As soon as I discovered this, I cut out my orange and yellows 


and drew the lines on all of them so I could chain piece one side right after the other and zoomzoomzoom.  


I will have lots of cute little 2" unfinished half square triangles to square up. 

No more zoomzoomzoom at that point, but eventually they will turn into cute little 3 1/2" pinwheels.  Squaring up to cut off the dog ears and little slivers takes time, but it's worth the effort.  


Do something quilty every day!  


Dec 9, 2013
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Bonnie posted her clue for week two bright and early Friday morning.  I haven't felt this much excitement in a while.  It makes me feel like a little kid waiting to see what Bonnie has posted. 

Friday morning, as I sat looking at the instructions and trying out a block or two, I could hear it icing outside.  I knew I was going to be  inside for the weekend, which is fine with me.  As long as the electricity stayed on, and my children made it home safe, to and from work,  that's all that mattered to me! 

 By Friday afternoon it looked like this at my best friend, Terry's house, and probably my house, too, but I didn't go outside.  This is Terry's barn.  It looks so sweet with a quilt block mounted on it, and the snow all around. 

I would love to have a barn with a quilt block on it.  At least I can enjoy hers.  

This weeks units are Chevrons using the green, yellow, and neutral fabrics. 

It's that cute little block hanging off of the wall-hanging above my sewing machine  so I can look at it while I'm sewing it together so I won't do this: 

The yellows aren't supposed to touch. 

I spent all day Saturday, in between decorating for Christmas and doing laundry,  cutting out all of the squares and rectangles needed to complete the Chevron units for a King size quilt.  

I would cut for 30 minutes, and decorate for Christmas for 30 minutes.  Or I would cut for 30 minutes and clean for 30 minutes.  That way I wasn't spending all of my time decorating for Christmas or cleaning, and I could play in my sewing room, too!  I will probably do the same 30 minutes here and there when I'm drawing lines on the backs of my 966 squares with my little tool and mechanical pencil  for drawing the diagonal lines. 

I haven't finished all of my units for clue 1, but I do plan to use them as "Leaders and Enders"  as I'm working on Chevrons.  I start out sewing on two of  the triangle  units, work on about 4 Chevrons, then I finish with two more triangle units.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done this week here on Bonnie's blog.  All of us with blogs and/or flickr pages are linking our post to hers to share with everyone. 

 Thank you for stopping by!  

Take care!  

Busy Little Quilter 


Dec 2, 2013
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Every year I have great intentions of participating in one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.  And that's as far as it gets.   I decided this year would be different, and so far I have been busy getting everything prepared. 

The first clue was to show us what colors she suggests we use.  She did this by showing us paint chips and what numbers to look for when we shopped at our local Lowes.

So, off to Lowes I went to get my paint chips.  I wasn't sure if paint chips were free or not (if I wasn't buying paint), so I looked for something cheap I could buy so I wouldn't feel like a shop lifter.  I walked by several gift ideas for my husband for Christmas, but when I saw this roll of polka dot duct tape

I had to have it.  And, by the way, paint chips are free even if you aren't buying paint.  


Now that I had my paint chips I could look through my scraps to see what I had on hand.  I even opened up UFO projects that I know I'm not going to finish, and I pulled fabrics from them that could be used in the quilt.  These colors aren't colors that I would choose to make a quilt, but it surprised me how much of these colors that I have in my stash!  

Bonnie announced that the first clue would be given to us the day after Thanksgiving.  I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve excited to see what was going to be under the Christmas tree the next morning.  I tried my best not to think about it while my family and I were celebrating Thanksgiving, but it was hard!  

 Early the next day the first clue was given.  Immediately, I printed off the instructions, and began cutting.  

I decided that I wanted to cut a few and sew them just to see if my cutting was correct, or my 1/4" seam, and just to see how it would look!   And, this is what I ended up with...


The wing is on the wrong side of the triangle. 

 They are supposed to look like this

Not all of my white is ant fabric.  I like a little bit of whimsy in my quilts.  I think a few ants here and there on a King Size quilt won't be that noticable.  And blue Spiderman fabric will make an appearance, too!

Many other bloggers are making this quilt, too.  Bonnie is creating a Mr. Linky every Monday during the duration of the mystery quilt until the big reveal. You can check out links to other blogs here on Bonnies blog post. 


I would love for you to follow me along.  And, knowing that you're following will inspire me to finish.

Take care!                                                                         




Oct 31, 2013
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Happy Halloween from the Quilt Divas!!

My best friend, Terry, and I made matching wall hangings when she took me on a little quilting retreat for my birthday about 7 years ago.  


Not too long after we got back home, we went to Cracker Barrel and found these two adorable ceramic diva's in the Halloween section.  They look so cute sitting by one of my antique Singer sewing machines.  The cute littlebag hanging   from the chair was given to me by Sharon at   Daisy Cottage Quilting.  


Tonight's Halloween festivities have been cancelled by our local government due to extremely bad weather coming through about the time my grand kids were planning to come over for our annual chili dinner and Trick-Or-Treating. I would rather them be safe, so we are rescheduling it for tomorrow night.  


I hope you have a Halloween that's filled with quilting and lots of chocolate! 

I'm ready!! 

Take care!



Jul 7, 2013
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I have been challenged by Pat Sloan to sew every day in July.  It can be a few stitches to sew  on a binding, cutting out a quilt, sewing for a few minutes, or all day, by hand or machine. You can read more about Pat's Sew Every Day in July Challenge here.

My first day was spent straightening up my sewing room.  I had fabrics that needed to be folded, and I did some rearranging. 

I can't believe I'm showing you this photo.  I have some decluttering to do. It's always a work in progress.  This isn't all of my fabric, by the way.  I keep my seasonal fabrics (Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, and Christmas) in other places because I don't use them all the time. 

Back to the Challenge...

While straightening up my sewing room, I started looking through some of my UFO boxes.  I found a Bow Tie quilt that I had started about 7 years ago.  I already had all of the pieces made, and all of them were sewn together except for the final seam that joins the top part of the bowtie to the bottom part. I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't finish.  I am wondering that, as well! 

In the meantime, I was reading in Bonnie Hunter's book Leaders and Enders that you can sew two quilts at the same time by using blocks in one project as a leader (instead of a fabric scrap) and as an ender (instead of another fabric scrap).   I thought this would be a great idea for the project I have been working on for 

 I put my half completed bow tie blocks beside my sewing machine and every time I sewed a seam  on my Quick and Easy Pinwheel scrap quilt,  I picked up a bowtie block and completed it. 

I am almost finished sewing all 80 of the bowtie blocks, and I have more blocks to sew in the Quick and Easy Pinwheel.  

I really like the idea of sewing two quilts at the same time.  I'm sure I have more unfinished projects that are almost put together like this bow-tie.  There is no telling how many UFO's  I could sew at the same time.  I'm too afraid to look!   Hopefully, with Pat's Sew Every Day in July Challenge will result in several finishes!  After all, a few minutes here, a few minutes there, and voila!  you have a finished quilt top (or two).  

 Have a great day!  

Jul 1, 2013
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My only completed (pieced, quilted, and bound) finish for June is this Button-Up wallhanging designed by Joined at the Hip.  I'm entering this in the "One Project a Month" with Peg at Happy in Quilting.  

I love seasonal wallhangings and quilts.  There are 12 wallhangings in this series.  I have March, June, July, and October completed.  November's top is finished.  I have January's cut and ready to piece.  August is on my cutting table. 

Maybe I should work on December's for Christmas in July!  

Have a great day!  



May 31, 2009
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Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio challenged her blog readers to a Spring to Finish where we would challenge ourselves to finish at least one quilting project this Spring.

The deadline is midnight May 31. That's tonight in almost 3 hours central time. I had hoped to get my butterfly quilt borders on today, but I kept changing my mind on the border fabrics. I finally made a decision, but I knew I wouldn't finish by midnight. Instead, I decided to make a monogrammed pillow for the rocking chair on my front porch. Home furnishings are the way to go.

Before monogrammed pillow


That looks so much better!

Thanks to Jacquie for inspiring me to finish something. I love my little pillow! If you would like a little pillow, too, I'll be giving a tutorial on how you can make one for yourself later on this week.

Until then, I'll be adding ripping out the borders I added today only to change my mind, againborders to my butterfly quilt.

So, you were probably thinking my blog had gone to the birds! Well, I am a little bird brained, from time to time, but that's another story!

Scroll down a little; there's quilty stuff at the bottom after birds and grand kids. Oh, and there's a giveaway(s) to tell you about!

Speaking of birds, Mrs. Robin had 5 babies! No wonder she built a two story house! She and the dad (I didn't realize the dad's helped) have been taking turns feeding them.
Mr. bird helping feed the babies.

I teased my oldest daughter (the one with 4 children) that the other bird must be the Grandmother. I mean, afterall, I do my fair share of helping with the kiddos from time to time. That's the best part spoil them and send them home of being a grand mother !
Alexis and Brayden "driving" the tractor.

Alexis and Brayden stayed with us for a few days while their parents went on a short vacation. We enjoyed them being here. They were perfect, which we knew they would be.

Brayden watching neighbor and Steve (the one in front) plant vegetables in our garden.

Alexis standing by the garden bench with the large garden in the background.

On the quilting front, I've been working on this quilt, Butterfly Love by Late Bloomer Quilts.

I won the pattern from Elizabeth this past fall. At this time I'm trying to choose borders. I think I am going to go with the pink polka dot for the inner border and the green for the outer border. I've "auditioned" fabrics many times, and I keep going back to this. As of right now this is what I'm doing, but my mind could change by tomorrow. This is when I wish that I would have spent the time to learn EQ6. I could "audition" fabrics there on my computer screen! I know it's not to late to learn, but I need to get this quilt finished 3 weeks ago this week!

There are tons of giveaways in blogland these days. Here's one I know you'll love. Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms is giving away a jelly roll of her new fabric line Simple Abundance. She's back from Quilt Market, and she has a ton of pictures. She's not joking!

More giveaways can be found at Sew Mama Sew's blog (it's May giveaway days and there are tons of giveaways to enter), and you can go to Jodi's, and Vanessa's. Today is the last day, so you better hurry!

Have fun!


May 30, 2009
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The Old Red Barn Quilt Company is hosting a Sew Along. We're making a quilt! All you need are 12 half yard cuts of 12 different fabrics. The fabric line I'm using is Chez Moi by Sentimental Journey for Moda.

It's been sitting on my shelf for 2 years. For some reason I bought 2 fat quarter packs. I'm glad I did.

We're only into our second week. I just joined a couple of days ago, so I'm sure it's fine if you join, too. And there's really nice giveaway each week.

It's about time I figured out what to make with my Chez Moi.


May 22, 2009
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May 21, 2009
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Hi, there.

Ms. Robin here. Yes, I'm the one who built a two story nest the Mr. and Mrs. Cardnial told you about in yesterday's post. The Nester would be so proud of me. Yes, it may not be perfect, but it is beautiful. I used what I had on hand. It's mainly from straw from Amanda's pine trees, and some dead vines left over from last year's flowers. She left out some little fabric strips hoping that we who build nests would build our homes out of her scraps, but that didn't happen. If only I hadVanessa's tutorial.... Maybe next year.

Sitting up here in this trellis on top of my eggs in my two story nest I get a birds eye view of all the things that are going on in Amanda's garden. Lots of fun things happen here, so I'll share a few with you over the next few days.

Looking down into their little garden I can see that Steve planted some seeds of all different kinds of flowers. He and Amanda were talking one day about how it would be less expensive to buy seeds and plant them instead of going to the garden center and buying everything. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Gee. Steve planted those seeds a little over a week ago and look how much they've grown! As you can see here, there are Zinnia's, Cosmos, and several kinds of Sunflowers. Here's a sunflower growing here right beside their mailbox.

I heard Steve say to Amanda, "Wonder how that got there!" Amanda said, "A bird probably planted it." Yes, we're really good at dropping seeds in weird places. They'll dig it up and plant it here in their "community flower garden", a little joke between them and the neighbors around them.

Oh look! There's a bird feeder, a bird bath, and a bird house! There's also lots of lillies, shasta daisies, black eyed susans, and purple cone flowers ready to bloom. The backyards connect to each other, so the neighbors enjoy each others flowers. Often times you will see the neighbors sitting on the bench Steve built enjoying the view. This year the plants have multiplied and had babies(there's babies everywhere!) and the neighbors have had fun coming to the garden and digging up fun things for their flower beds.

Amanda did a little tutorial on how to make that cute little flower pot in case you want to make one, too! You can find it here.

It's almost time for me to go, but, before I do, when I was out of the nest today (I do get a little sore sitting here warming up these eggs and I have to fly away to strech) it looks like there are a few more Quilt Market updates. Pat Sloan (she's so adorable)has fun wherever she goes. Jocelynilla from Fat Quarter Shop has market up dates. Let's just say their "coming soon" section of their online shop is overflowing. Kimberly had to stay home in her "nest" because she is having twins. Girl, I know how you feel! Linda Lum Debono has a new fabric line coming out soon, so be sure to check out her market updates. She also has a link to one of her quilt designs that you can make. It's free! Jona went to Quilt Market, too. She has some great photos and giveaways! Go visit their blogs and be sure to tell them another little birdie sent you!

Until next time...have a great day!

May 19, 2009
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Hi, there! This is Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Amanda's been busy working hard in her flower beds and sewing on her little "sneak peek" she showed you a couple of weeks ago. She hasn't had much time to blog, so she asked us to stop in and say hello for her. We told her we would be happy to, and here we are! 

Most of you know that Amanda lives in Kentucky. We cardinals are the state bird of Kentucky, just in case you didn't know. A couple of weeks ago we were flying around in the neighborhood looking for food. It's been raining here an awful lot, so you can imagine how happy we were when we flew by Amanda's house and saw this: 
Amanda bought this finch feeder one day while shopping with her grand daughter, Alexis. She explained to Alexis that certain birds like certain kinds of birdseed. So they bought the feeder and the birdseed, came home, and set it up in front of Amanda's kitchen window under the Red Bud tree. She then told Alexis that a yellow finch would fly by, notice the feeder, go back and tell all of his friends, and soon they would gather to eat at the finch feeder. Sure enough, that's what happened. 


I guess Amanda learned a lesson, too, because little did she know us cardinals like that stuff, too. Amanda's never been that much "into" birds. The past few years she has become a bird watcher, so she's learning. 

Speaking of birds, Robin built her a two story nest. 

You go girl! Just look at her sitting there on top of the trellis that Steve built that sits against the wall in their garden. She watches Amanda every day planting flowers, digging weeds, taking the dog for a walk, running Julia to guitar, soccer, softball practice, and drinking her coffee while sitting on her little couch enjoying a few minutes of quiet time. 

It looks like this photo used to be Amanda's blog header. Hmmm. 

And look here...another nest. 

That bird must have been a little goofy. She built a nest in the middle of Amanda's climbing rose that grows over the entrance in her garden. 

It's not the first time this has happened. Here's one from last year. 

If you look real close you can see a baby bird with it's little head lifted. He was probably waiting for his mom to bring him a worm. Ewwww. Finch food is so much better. Oh well, Robins aren't known for being very smart, but they are good mothers. I guess you could say they're smarter than what humans think they are.

Oh, and by the way a little kitty told me all about her trip to Pittsburgh to Quilt Market. It looks like she and The Late Bloomer had a great time. I visited a Bunnytoday, too! And Amanda's favorite quilt shop to visit at quilt shows has some exciting news! Go visit them and tell them a little birdie sent you! Make that two little birdies! 



May 11, 2009
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Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. After I ate my muffin (s) and blogged about the quilt my mother made me, I went to my sewing room and started ironing all of my pink and purple scraps.

See, Terry came over a few weeks ago and said I needed to use some of this fabric. She's been talking about making a two color quilt(white or off white with another color) out of each of the colors of her scraps and 6 1/2" squares that we have been collecting from an exchange group in our Quilt Guild. She has a quilt pattern in mind, so I thought I might join in on the fun. The problem is, though, I got bored ironing pink and purple fabric. To be honest, I didn't even get to the purple and I didn't finish all of the pink. I have a very short attention span especially when it comes to ironing. That's not good considering how many baskets of scraps I have (red, black, orange, yellow/brown, green, blue, pink/purple).

Soon after that, Laura and the grandkids came over.

They're such little sweeties. Laura is enjoying planting flowers in her flower beds, so I gave her a watering can and a pair of cute gardening gloves.

The food was good. Laura brought sushi for the appetizer (I swear I think they put something in that stuff to make people crave it), and Steve made his chicken/spinach stromboli and chicken pizza. Everything was great, and I didn't have to cook! That's even better!

Here's Wade,me, Julia, and Laura. They're sweeties, too.
Laura and the grand kids gave me a planter. I love how it looks like a pitcher on a saucer.

Julia gave me two quilting books. Vanessa has talked about this book on her blog, and maybe with a Christmas quilting idea book I won't be waiting until the last minute to make gifts and decorations.

Wade gave me a $25 gift card to Books A Million.

I can't decide if I want to get Mary Higgins Clark's new book on cd, or use it several times to buy quilting magazines. I'll probably buy quilting magazines, knowing me.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my mothers quilt. You know, until I blogged about it and heard from you, it never dawned on me that this is the only thing I have that has my mother's hand stitching on it. Not only did she try to hand quilt it, but she hand stitched the binding down, too. Even though it bothered Mom that the quilt was never finished, it takes on a new meaning since she is no longer with me. I'm sure she wouldn't mind it if I finished it for her, but to go over her applique stitches or to tear the quilt apart, no way! What was I thinking? I think I might just leave it alone, and enjoy it the way it is. I do love it because she made it especially for me. Thanks for being honest and giving me your heartfelt opinions. Big Hugs

I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the women that are special to you.